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  • Label Craft Factory

We have full in house design facilities for any of your artwork needs.


Artwork department fully equipped with latest prepress technology, latest design packages like Adobe CC and workflow solutions like Artpro, Esko.

Digital workflow to feed artworks to digital presses. Label Craft has also installed a new digital plate making machine so the plates are made at a far superior quality.

  • Lithographic
  • Digital
The digital press offers quality labels in minimum quantity with a photo quality finish that can be produced with our new Xeikon technology.  It enables us to keep up the changing demands of today’s world.
  • Fleyevision

Label Craft operate with a fleyeVision 100% camera systems on each of our Omega SRI finishing units. These systems use line scan technology to detect print errors such as scratches, text irregularities, ink blobs and registration shifts. The system works by identifying an error and then presenting the error to the operator via the mounted display unit. The fleyeVision system is a fully modular solution ensuring that Label Crafts customer requirements are met.

We run a 24 hour shift 5 days a week to allow our customers total flexibility on lead times. With recent investment in the latest Xeikon plate making facilities this allows us to offer the highest quality film, proofing and digital proofing.